Trigger Warnings and Kink List

This is where you'll find a comprehensive list of triggers and kinks in my books. Books are listed in order of release. Please scroll down to find the book you wish to look up.



Never Have I Ever: Submitted to my Enemy

Trigger warnings:

  • A detailed, on page scene where one MC describes a CNC (consensual non-consent) fantasy to the other
  • A detailed, on page scene where the MCs engage in a CNC/Forced Pleasure role play (consent is established before the role play, and also enthusiastically given prior to the sex act)
  • A somnophilia, or sleep sex, scene (consent is established before, and again during the scene)
  • Discussions about a past emotionally abusive relationship 
  • Undiagnosed ADHD 
  • Absent/neglectful parents 
  • Brief mentions of past alcohol abuse


Kink List

  • Bondage
  • Bratting
  • Edging
  • Dirty talk
  • Dominant/submissive play
  • Sensory Deprivation
  • Phone Sex
  • Primal Play (consensual fighting/struggling)
  • The use of safe words to ensure safe play between MCs



Never Have I Ever: Punched my Roommate’s V-Card

Trigger Warnings:

  • Underage drinking
  • A brief on page attempted assault scene where a minor character is overserved alcohol. The attempt is interrupted before anything can happen
  • A scene where one of the MCs is purposely overserved alcohol by a minor character and the other MC takes care of him while he is drunk
  • Emotionally distant/controlling parents 


Kink List


  • Breathplay (where one MC controls the breath of the other to heighten pleasure)
  • Biting
  • Dirty talk
  • Exhibitionism/Public Play (the MCs are not in view of anyone but enjoy the fantasy that they could be)



Step Bully

Trigger Warning:

  • An on page scene where a minor character attempts to sexually assault one MC while he has accidentally had too much to drink. The scene is interrupted before any sort of sexual touching, but is detailed up to that point.
  • Brief scenes where one MC deals with unwanted touching by drunk students (over the clothes, and the MC says no and stops it)
  • Homophobic parents
  • Neglectful and crappy parents
  • Mention of the death of a parent due to diabetes, allusions that the death may have been preventable


Kink List


  • Dirty talk that includes degradation, and the use of the word “slut”
  • Mild humiliation (through dirty talk)
  • Bullying that is not done in front of others and not to humiliate - it is used as a way to express anger toward each other
  • Mentions of past bullying of one MC for being gay, the other MC was not part of it
  • Breathplay, where one MC controls the breath of the other to heighten pleasure
  • Edging



Straight Battle

  • Mentions and discussions of time at war
  • Discussions about the divorce of one MC
  • Crappy parents (one MC)
  • The book does not contain kink



Battle for the Top

  • Mentions and discussions of time at war
  • Mention of the death of a parent that was preventable (one MC)
  • Discussions of past alcoholism and current sobriety of one MC
  • Dirty talk and praise



Battle to Surrender

  • Discussions of time at war, including suffering both physical and emotional injuries (discussions are not graphic and do not go into detail about the incident that caused the physical injuries, or the MCs PTSD)
  • PTSD from time in the service and multiple tours
  • Diagnosed and managed ADHD 
  • Diagnosed anxiety 
  • Dominant/submissive play between MCs
  • Dirty talk and praise
  • The use of Safe words to ensure safe play between MCs


Battle to Belong

  • Discussions of time at war (no graphic details are given)
  • PTSD from time in the service (one MC)
  • This novella does not contain kink